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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 11, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> justine: top stories we're following on this one state include a deadly shooting at state university. where had my shot you. >> james: 100 teachers to be laid off in mount diablo district. >> reporter: mississippi river crest and the residents downstream program for the worst. >> live from the bay area new station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> justine: thank you for joining us, looks to get to today, first check on weather and traffic. >> louisa:, whether forecast for
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wednesday but towards the weekend we have big changes wet weather and thunderstorms. >> erica: not hotspots but we have a strong wind advisory at the san mateo bridge, the only one and the fact of full checks coming up. >> james: developing story to people dead after shooting in a parking garage at state university. an google map showing you where it's located it happened just after 8:03 p.m. at south 10th and east for nine dose street. they found three people with injuries including the sugar to were dead. university says campus security is safe and investigators are trying to piece together what happened. >> justine: ma'am diablo school board into the night last minute details of this morning. the
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head to make tough decisions regarding future cuts. >> reporter: in concord the school board voted unanimously to lay off 111 teachers. it goes into effect for 2011-2012 school year. they said they had to make the cuts because the state continues to cut funding. the deficit for next year is projected to be nearly $12 million. it could increase or decrease depending on whether the governor makes more cuts in education this month. the board approved a measure see fund in which makes improvements to campuses all over the district. they say they cannot use that money to prevent layoffs in has to be used to make improvements. >> james: overflown mississippi river crested in memphis now the
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threat moves south. >> reporter: the time of greatest concern is passed. >> reporter: the worst appears to be over memphis, the mississippi crested shy of the 1937 record. part of the city since submerge. for some 400 residents out. the good news levees and flood walls hold. it will be weeks before it is back in its banks. they warn their reversed along predictable. >> it is not time for citizens to start cleaning up, certainly stand up the water. it's a time for patience. >> reporter: in the south they are preparing for his start flooding. >> it is stressful. >> reporter: delays
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>> 44 more gates were open at this bill way to stay to defer the flood waters. 3 million a. could be affected by the flooding. >> no reason to delay now prepare. >> reporter: casino some are close to mississippi where 600 people have been forced from their homes. river here cresting at near historic levels. >> james: 500 guards are mobilized in louisiana. now check on our local weather. >> louisa: it is a a calm start for the day. patchy fog along the coast this morning may be some around the bay as well but he is the at the golden gate bridge. as we head into the afternoon temperatures actually
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dropped down, we will be cooler today. right now the 40's and '50's, tuesday of fairfield and severance cisco, 52 for a word and to mountain view. this afternoon clouds cover swings through the area, you can see the tail end of the system. we will stay dry for the day and the rest of the week. not the case for the weekend. temperatures in to the afternoon 70 in the delta of, 74, scored 58 in downtown san francisco. we will stay in the '60s through the east bay. copper '60s and read what city reaching 74 in through los gatos. this weekend towards the later part of your day saturday expects recalls. if you're headed to the oyster festival it probably will be ok.
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rain chances increase over night saturday and sunday. it could wake up sunday morning to showers, the potential for thunderstorms on your sunday. widespread rain through the afternoon even to the evening hours. late sunday continuing to see left over rain drops. 7 day around the bay dry weather until about friday then the changes come the weekend. chance of wet weather persists and the next work week. >> erica: perfect drive times around the bay area meaning we have no hot spots. bay bridge toll plaza and the clear as to make your westbound ride out of oakland to san francisco. a handful of cars from in their way towards the toll plaza, no weight at the pay gates. high windy advisory at the san mateo bridge westbound and eastbound 92 traffic is affected but so far so then. no accidents or
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incidents associated with high wind. golden gate bridge ride southbound 1 01 vary quiet out there just a couple of cars headed into san francisco. >> justine: much more ahead on the kron 4 morning move moves inck obama as aapproval trial. the trial for the two accused of crossing the border to are iran has been put on hold. we will keep an eye on this the weather and more news only come back.
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>> justine: it is almost for 10:00 a.m. a look your 7 day around bay 75 degrees today but partly cloudy and rather breezy.
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rain chances pick up by the weekend into the next work week. we will fine tune the forecasted especially sunday as we prepare for the bay to breakers. >> james: espionage trial the american hikers arrested for hiking into iran has been postponed again. there have been behind are for two years awaiting trial. then pleaded not guilty they gave no explanation of delay, but the mothers think they boys are being used as political pawns. >> we hold out hopes but again we have no indication on how this will go. we sit with the support of everyone gathered, we know the world is watching, i ron knows they are watching. we are hopeful they will do the right thing. again it is clear,
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if they had anything on shane and joshed this would be done and over with. it continues on the longer continues the more obvious it becomes it is political. >> james: prosecutors refused to try the man until the third hiker return to our run. she was released on bail last year due to a medical condition. she says she has no intention of pulling back. >> justine: president barack obama call me with the senate in an effort to trim down the budget. members of congress are looking to sort out debt fighting measures they can embrace now and which ones can be left for after the elections. the meetings come after a bipartisan effort to identify the areas it could be reduced. president barack obama as approval rating is at its
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highest in two years. 60 percent now approve of the president's job, more than half now say he deserves to be reelected. it was taken a week after forces killed osama bin laden. in canada, is on the heels of this strong jobs reportit comes on the heels of a strong jobs report >> james: we will hear what former governor arnold schwarzenegger says about his marriage breaking up. we will be right back.
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>> justine: 4 year-old dead after being run over by a off family member. it happened around noon yesterday near san rosa the boy was riding a bike, a private road alongside the
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tracks but the boy swerved into the trucks packed and was severely injured. prior to this as rescue crews tried to the bully. >> we did everything we could to bring him around but it didn't work. the child died. the father was very distraught. the mother also. she was very strong, when they pronounced the child dead it was too much for her. >> justine: police are investigating the death but they say alcohol and drugs are not a factor. >> james: police are looking for this man mario hernandez accused of killing a man last month. hernandez has a twin brother named gilbert, he might
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actually use his brothers id. he is considered armed and dangerous. authorities investigating the shooting in east palo alto officers reporting to gungot shot heard. they approached the vehicle thought to be of the year by hit and run. a man was suffering gunshot wounds to the hand. he was taken to hospital but refused to provide information. bike tire treads lead to a suspect accused of stealing copper wire. it was a long ride island. the suspect was allegedly imposition of night vision devices. >> justine: new details former governor arnold said
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schwarzenegger made his first public appearance since the announcement him and his wife has separated. he spoke last night at an event. he thanked friends and family for the outpouring of support. >> we were singing the same thing we are impressed animes to be surrounded by some wonderful people. some in the wonderful friends. we love each other very much, we're fortunate to we have for extraordinary children. we will take a one-time. >> justine: they were married for 25 years. lindsay lohan has a hearing in a court room today, she is expected to plead no contest to a misdemeanor theft charge, it is scheduled for early june and the judge or dissent and stir to 120 days in jail for violating her drunk driving probation. she is not
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required to appear today so her lawyer will be there. >> james: a check gone the forecast for wednesday. halfway through the week. >> louisa: good morning james, we are holding on to the dry weather as we head throughout the day today, through their work week as well. patchy coastal fog and we are seeing some afternoon clouds rolling andin. other than that we will e nice weather today again. 50 in fairfield, san rafael, san francisco. we see a system polling and bring clouds and to the area but we are not seeing any moisture. this afternoon your highs will go to about 70 in san rosa, '70s through the napa valley and the delta. but
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your highs today san rosa 70, napa 71, at antioch 72, 73 and livermore. future cast 4 giving you an idea the time line of this weekend it looks like the later part of saturday brings in wet weather. showers move in and continue through overnight hours into early morning sunday could pick up intensity seen heavier downpours at times. mostly showers through sunday but potential for thunderstorms. we will continue to see wet weather through the evening hours sunday. 7 day around the bay shows dry weather stretching through friday. partly cloudy and breezy for the next couple of days. your saturday bring showers and to the evening and sunday looks like the day giving
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the best chance of showers and thunderstorms. wet weather into next week. >> erica: hot spot free in the traffic center. getting you out the door at the bay bridge toll plaza it looks good westbound adn to san francisco. san franciscsan francisco. san matee looks good there is a high wind advisory. out of the north bay southbound 1 01 min spanned approaching the toll plaza just a few cars within camera shot. lots of space between cars. westbound 80 looks good no problem and not a whole lot of company just yet. no problems making your way out of albany
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and berkeley and a maryville. 60 minutes from golden gate fields to downtown san francisco. public transit to leave free froe. >> justine: much more had including the latest in a world news including the efforts in libya and syria. problems from united states postal service why they are reporting such a big loss today. our roof cameron said francisco warm weather and traffic when we come back. hey, your high speed internet here, at home... ...and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g -- big. high speed internet from at&t at home... ...includes wi-fi access on the go. whoo-hoo!
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>> james: a quick look at your bay bridge approach light traffic towards the toll plaza. easy ride for you. >> justine: political uprising in syria having a violent
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response. the army shelling residential areas as the government grows to crush a revolt the u.s. is calling closer to end the ruling of the family in syria. who would be a change. us on remains considerable international support is not clear how much backing united states would have. libyan rebels has landed at an gauzy the shipment consists of 10,000 meals a ride on wednesday. there are on route $25 million in assistance that president barack obama authorized for those fighting gaddafi. japan's earthquake in sonometer this toll on toyota
4:25 am
adjusted zero is recovering toyota says its quarterly profit slide 75% as car production was disrupted. no forecast for the current first goal year through 2012 citing an uncertain look. global car production will likely return to normal in november. that is a big hit. >> james: a check on wall street continuing gains stock futures are up in all three of the major industries. their release report on job openings for march, the treasury has numbers for april. second quarter profit for disney's fall short, a gm is hiring 4000 workers. google advertising system is facing investigation, that will cost
4:26 am
the leader $500 million beer >> justine: we send mail and the postal service's report a loss of $2 billion over the first three months of this year. it is warning it could be filed in federal payments. it will have reached borrowing limit of $50 billion by the end of this fiscal year. it would not interrupt mail service but it is bad news for the post office. coming up on the kron 4 morning news the latest on the flood in louisiana. >> shooting at the university parking grunge least two dead over night. details coming up.
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>> justine: could morning before you head out the door let's look at the weather appeared >> louisa: dry and cooler today
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and right column forecast for the weekend and it could affect the bay to breakers that ahead. >> erica: golden gate bridge we have no accidents to tell you about, we have a strong wind advisory more on that in a bit. >> james: this half-hour the developing story the fatal shooting at state university, craig is standing back with the latest information there. >> craig: it happen here is san jose state, they say the two victims were shot and killed on the floor of the suspects taken into custody after the hospital. not clear on his injuries appeared they don't think people involved are at least the shooter was a student here on campus, that has not been confirmed at the moment it was
4:30 am
shut down for a few hours eventually the police cleared out. the question remains who was and what was the motivation . the people were notified by automatic systems or class is going on here as this was going at the parking crunch. it was limited to those two people shot and killed. people say they were shocked this happened. >> james: we will follow the story through the morning. >> justine: mount diablo school board voted unanimously to let off teachers appeare. 111 teachl receive pink slips, it goes into affect 20112012 year-2012 school
4:31 am
year, the school board approved a measure for funding, it will make improvements for campuses all over the district but cannot be used to prevent layoffs, in test be used to make improvements. >> james: army corps of engineers continued to open spillways along the mississippi river to help keep it from sliding. this is showing you how high this river has gotten. they are opening up 60 gates to direct water out of the swollen mississippi river. flood waters have washed away crops, forcing a lot of people to seek higher ground. in memphis $320 million is the estimated damage. this is the time line. first-time in
4:32 am
missouri they had to detonate employ uand blow up and the sece was this one, now they want to know if they will have open this one. they are monitoring the water levels, is as it make a decision we will let you know. if they do open it up water should only raise 1 ft. over night. we will let you know when that decision is made. local weather with look at the forecast parent >> louisa: not a bad forecast, coastal fog for you to see the shot of downtown san francisco. a bit more cloud cover today, temperatures cooled down. this is the beginning of the cooling trend today and as we head toward so weekend that's when we
4:33 am
bring in wet weather. starting off with current temperatures, mr. 40's and 50's, upper 40's for redwood city, santa rosa, napa. elsewhere starting off with temperatures in the low 50s. by this afternoon staying in to the low seventies for san rosa, napa, fairfield, elsewhere into the '60s and some places into the 50s. in the south bay a mixture of '60s and '70s. we are watching that time line of the wet weather. at this point looks like showers the later part of your saturday, got rid around 6:00 p.m. noticed widespread showers. it could intensify over night picking up heavier downpours gross sunday morning. through sunday we are keeping it wet weather around so be prepared for bay to breakers.
4:34 am
as we head through sunday we could see a chance of some thunderstorms, and even potential hill.ail. it looks lie will be keeping shower activity through a good portion of the day happened to the evening hours as well. 7 day around the bay and you can see partly cloudy, breezy conditions but we are dry until about friday. that's when the change happens, we will see quite a bit of wet weather into the weekend and next week. showers kick in the later part of your saturday, sunday at this point brings us the best chance of showers and thunderstorms. monday, tuesday it could bring us more wet weather. >> erica: bay bridge ride is still hot spot free, easy conditions had been to san francisco. in most oil from all of the approaches westbound 580 and in the northbound direction
4:35 am
of the nimitz freeway traffic is flowing freely here, meter lights are cycled off. duponsano bridge we are following this high windy advisory, you can see few headlights headed into foster city. your golden gate bridge ride no problems to report here, lots of space for your entire ride out of novato. a new date for southbound 101, yesterday this was a major hot spot, not the case this morning. ec conditions at the 1 01-80 split. --eeasy-- >> justine: police in san jose state a 69 year-old man was run over and killed by his
4:36 am
girlfriend following a fight. it may have been an accident but the man 67 year-old girlfriend is a suspect pending a review by the district attorney. >> reporter: the circumstances happened early sunday off came road in east san jose a. they're trying to figure out whether the death of 69 year-old was an accident or something else. for now his 67 year-old girlfriend remains a suspect in his death. san jose police have not released her identity or said if there was witnesses to what happened. they learned this much. they said the two had an accidargument and she was tryino drive away when he tried to stop her. he grabbed hold of the side mirror and somehow ended up underneath the car and was run over. at that point
4:37 am
investigators say the suspect drove away, only to return a short time later to find out what happened. police interviewed her at the scene at the time, then she was released the case is turned over to the district attorney's office who will make the final determination on whether there are any criminal charges to be filed wooed died at regional medical center. >> james: sp nosh trial of shame and josh have been postponed once more. they have been behind bars for two years in the not guilty. they gave no explanation for the reason to light. >> justine: much more had, alive look aside rebel, from san francisco cool today you'll notice the temperature difference. you'll notice rain
4:38 am
later this week we will fill you in on what's happening there will become back.
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>> james: today cooler than yesterday's you will feel that this morning, tomorrow much of the same cooling off gradually towards the weekend, by sunday we are looking for the possibility of rain bay area wide, more on that in a minute. >> justine: more scarce in the sky, first we will start with this one southwest airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in oklahoma city last night after the aircraft crew reported the problem with the heating element for the windshield on the cockpit. they changed planes to be cautious after noticing a heating element was malfunctioning. the plane with 44 passengers landed safe.
4:41 am
this one is more intense. people on a delta plane had a scare, a passenger on a flight headed to boston tried to open an emergency door. 11 02 took off from orlando, they are saying the passenger was subdued by an officer that was aboard the flight. we will hear now from passengers. >> i didn't know until the end. i wasn't scared at all during the fight. >> i thought somebody was getting sick in the back of the plane. i didn't think anybody or anything was going on. >> justine: >> justine: when the plane landed the passenger was arrested. >> james: more airline news when people flights they want comfort at a reasonable price, many airlines don't deliver according
4:42 am
to our report survey. at the bottom of the last u.s. airways. last time they did this it shared the same spirit southwest topping rankings. jet blew coming in second, alaska's third. >> justine: good to know. a live look outside at ocean beach rather foggy out there this morning, it might affect your morning ride or your plans for the day we will fill you in on what's happening after this.
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4:44 am
>> justine: we have all looked at the foggy and windy forecast. >> louisa: we have wind in the delta, elsewhere it is ok, we have patchy coastal flagfog. rit
4:45 am
now a comfortable start. 50 in san francisco, upper 40's for redwood city and san rosa. by this afternoon the highs and to the 60, 70. cindy san rosa, 71 napa, fairfield, around the bay 60s low sixties for the east bay, upper 60s in redwood city, around the coast 57. what we are keeping our on leon is the weekend. dry weather for the work week, towards the weak and the later part of your day picking up a few sprinkles. by 6:00 p.m. light rain chances on your saturday put over night and sunday. be prepared for wet weather at the bay to breakers
4:46 am
we're talking about widespread rain, even potential for thunderstorms. we could get heavier downpours but for the most part we will keep showers around for a good portion of the day into evening hours as well seeing some left door rain drops in to the evening. 7 day around the bay shows you partly cloudy, breezy conditions for the next couple of days. friday cooling off down into the '60s keeping them around for the weekend, sunday is the best chance of wet weather, we will see rain drops into next week as well. take advantage of the dry weather today, tomorrow, friday, saturday morning. >> erica: wendeyour wednesday de is good, we have a stall in solano county but still nothing
4:47 am
to getting your way there, highway 4 looks good same with 580, the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza we see more cars out there that we sought to minutes ago but still an easy enough condition out of oakland and to semblances go.san franciy advisory at the san mateo bridge but no problems so far. taillights towards foster city, so our 1 01 near golden gate bridge ride in the clear into san francisco. for those of you taking public transit your good to go. >> james: more headlines a developing story federal judge has set no bail for a man suspected of trying to enter the cockpit of a plane on sunday. he appeared in court for the first time yesterday, we hear more about the suspect in the incident. >> reporter: rageh al-murisi
4:48 am
displayed little information. they feel he is at risk of flooding the country. u.s. attorney says the defendant used god is great several times during the incident sunday. noting the phrase has been linked with terrorist incidents. prosecutor says he had no luggage, gnocchis, cell phone. he did have an apple charger. they found several pieces of identification and the suspect including two beginner driver license. he was caring $47 in cash and had to checks post dated 14 $5,000 made up for cash, another for 8000. details of who wrote the checks were not released. he was going to stay
4:49 am
with his family in vallejo who according to prosecution did not know he was coming. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> james: we talked with the police officer who helped restrain the suspect on the airline's flight he told us how he and other passengers took control. >> with my earphones on i heard screams from behind i didn't know what that was, as i turned there was a person that was walking past me beer rapidly. he broke into somewhat of a trot and started running. as he did he all something out. i jumped up to pursue the individuals almost immediately there was a number of people up. when i arrived they were taking him to the ground. i decided to use the control hold on him. we got the cops on the suspect. i took off my belt and i used that as a
4:50 am
hobbled. a technique of but attaching the cops to the fee cuts, that way we could make sure he had no way of escaping. >> james: we talked with his family members yesterday they say he is a regular guy and don't think he had a harmful intentions. >> justine: oscar grant she's still cagecivil case. a judge yy dismissed the civil case against barred. the judge upheld the ones against johannes miserly, and tony peroni. some of the civil charges were held and some of them were dismissed. >> james: san carlos meer has
4:51 am
died he was elected to serve as mayor in november he died of heart attack yesterday morning. he called 911 and was pronounced dead upon riot arrival at a hospital. >> justine: in the south bay there are new rules against to dogs. the owners will be responsible for the dog's actions in is in response to recent dog attacks. last month a pair of dogs attacked a 66 year- old woman and her husky in san jose. she was seriously injured and her dog had to be put down. >> james: 4:51 a.m. lots ahead including sports news for you and some fans going for unusual world records. it is that an angels game. maybe that will give you a clue. san mateo
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4:54 am
>> justine: you're 7 day around the bay, today i high of 75, cool and not as we and the rest of the work week, there rain moves and unfortunately we are trying to figure out the timing exactly so the bay to breakers race does not get totally washed to. chance of rain looks like it stays with us next week as well. what will oprah winfrey do once her show was done? her next up looks like she will go to broadway. she tells it from you and she has a stack of plays she's been looking at. but there has been no formal announcements. sports now on to win or go home game seven, red
4:55 am
wings scored in the third period, they rallied again for 3-1 victory last night over the sharks after trailing in the second round series. they must defend home ice to win the best of seven series. if you want to go to the game here is how you can. we want a giveaway a pair of tickets for games 7 all you have to do, like our facebook page. if you get a form where you can gecan win a pair of tic tipitch runner deer and ford frm
4:56 am
second base to seal the win. it was a dominating start giving the giants back to back shutdowns. kobe pitch in to the eight and nine. whenever, wherever, they won. we will move on to more stories. the angels fans may have landed them cells and to the guinness book of world records. this is what they had to do as they entered the stadium for the game against the white sox each fan got a red rustling mask. it sent them into the books for the most people wearing costume masks at one. they had 40,000 fans. the
4:57 am
current record was 250 people so they nailed it and looked ridiculous at the same time. five more days until the zazzle bay to breakers them we have you covered. henry takes a look. >> henry: i have the plum assignment. i will be on hayes' help which is the best. you get to watch leaders in the peak moment of the entire race. then you watch everybody ought struggling to reach the top of the hill, then you get the people having a great time, they are so happy they want to stay for awhile. i'm looking forward to bay to breakers coming up.
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> reporter: double homicide at the state university's double grosz details in a moment. >> james: you could see an
5:00 am
increase in your tuition. >> darya: mount diablo school board will lay off more than 100 teachers more on this late-night decision coming up. >> mark: just this morning the trial of to uc berkeley graduates for arrested two years ago was postponed. >> darya: let's get a look at traffic and weather this morning. >> james: alive look for from our roof camera. we are off to cool start, patchy coastal fog, not widespread just in pockets here and there. cooler this afternoon and we still have a chance of showers for the weekend. 7 day forecast in breaking it down and just a pet. an early check on traffic with george. >> george: westbound traffic is light right now currently no hot spots, traffic on the bridges look good. a complete check coming up. >> mark: developing story right
5:01 am
now issued out in a parking garages in state university, two people dead let's go to gre cra >> craig: the ins in and occurred on the fifth floor, this is the cleanup they are still investigating the situation that occurred a little after a 30 p.m. to people according to police shot and killed the suspect who in the case. sendoff to the hospital not clear on the extent of his injuries. officials are saying they're not sure if there were students here or in any way connected to the campus. this area is filled with students, this occurred well kids were in class. they did not lock down
5:02 am
the area, police up there trying to figure what happened, the suspect is in an area hospital in this them aldouble homicide. >> darya: mount diablo school board voted unanimously to lay off teachers late last night. 111 teachers are going to get pink slips. they go into effect for the 2011-2012 school year to help close a deficit of nearly $12 million. it could increase or decrease depending on the governor making more cuts in education this month. mt. diablo school board approved a measure see funding in makes improvement to campuses all over the district but cannot be used to prevent those teacher layoffs. in past be used to make improvements to the school
5:03 am
spirit state universities in california could see hikes if the state does not extend temporary tax increases that the governor is proposing. failing to extend those taxes would result in $500 million in cuts on top of the $500 million already proposed. they could raise tuition up to 32% to cover $1 billion in cuts. the annual tuition for undergraduates would be $6,000. >> mark: yemeni warning osama bin laden stats does not signal the end to the fight. they threatened worst attacks in the future the head of al-qaida posted a eulogy for bin laden. he warmed america's the matter is not over with bin laden
5:04 am
staff. the uc-berkeley grads the were hiking accused of crossing the iraqi border. their trial has been postponed again they've been behind bars for two years awaiting trial. i run gave no explanation for the delay. they fear the men are being the parents feel they're being used as pawns. >> we always hold out hope, however we have no indication of how this will go. we sit with the support of everyone gathered, we know the world is watching, are ron knows the world is watching pierr. it is r if they had any thing on shame and josh this would be done and over long time ago. it continues on the longer continues in the more obvious it has become political. >> mark: so far they have
5:05 am
refused to try the man into a third sarah returns. she says she's not going back. >> darya: a look at the weather and full, i noticed it was cooler today. >> james: we do have the wind blowing so be careful of that, patchy fog as well. the golden gate bridge giving you an idea of what it's like inside of your door right now. 50 degree mark 50 in san francisco, 50 san rosa, 49 in napa, a good number of these locations could dip down into the upper 40's before we get warm from the sunrise. this afternoon cool little cooler than yesterday, santa rosa 70, 68 san rafael, 58 in san francisco. in oakland 63 for
5:06 am
you, 66 by fremont, san jose 72. , 73 and livermore and 57 at the half moon bay. 7 day forecast we have mild weather for the rest of the week wednesday through friday. saturday, sunday looking for that change in the forecast that calls for more cloud cover and showers beginning saturday night. fancwe will keep you updd as we progress through the week. now check on your traffic. >> george: a good start your commute no hot spots yet. we will have a bridge check the westbound ride at the bay bridge looks good, san mateo bridge
5:07 am
looks good. highway 92 the westbound traffic headed towards san mateo and foster city in the golden gate bridge ride in balance and currenin about trafo delays for public transit and looks like a good start there as well. >> mark: we will be right back as the news continues, we will go to new jersey to see an image of about over turning. we will bring you more fresh after the bridge. hey marcel, watch this!
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>> justine: we have pictures of about overturning in new jersey but the live shot went away. >> james: the latest of new arlen's they are continuing to
5:11 am
open up gates. --nor less. the'o direct water out of the swollen river. flood waters have washed away crops and force people to flee to higher ground in memphis. $320 million in damages estimated. the work along the spill way, it began overlap bird's point where they blew holes in the levy. then at the bonnet car spill way they open net. now they are looking at this one to open. the worst of the flood passed memphis but it
5:12 am
will be weeks before the water drains away from residential areas. >> darya: we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. 5:11 a.m. it is to the bay bridge visibility is good and we are in for cool down. you might feel when you head out the door. we'll be right back.
5:13 am
5:14 am
5:15 am
>> mark: the dow it is stock futures are up for all industries. reducing releasing the jobs opening report for march, second quarter profit for disney falling short of expectations the reason was tokyo disney closed for months. and the movie 'mars meets moms
5:16 am
''. kugels online advertising facing an investigation expecting to call the cost them five are million dollars. >> darya: postal service is reporting losses of $2 billion in the first three months of the year. it may be filed in federal payments. the post office saying it's going to reach its borrowing limits by the end of the fiscal year. a default would not interrupt your mail service but bad news for the postal service which has been struggling with a decline because of the internet. >> mark: all eyes some area whether the fog is rolling in. the salmon to bridge james has the latest. >> james: san mateo bridge the weather forecast calls for patchy coastal fog in the
5:17 am
morning, dealing with that primarily around the coast, cloudy and cool air for this afternoon temperatures will drop a few degrees from yesterday. mid to upper '70's yesterday we will be in the low 70's if that. this evening coast of fog once more we continue this trend toward the end of the week. temperatures right now fifty's dominating the map this morning. even in the east bay we are seeing and in fremont and livermore. 52 in antioch, san jose. mild start a lot of fifties will drop and the upper 40's before too much longer. we will then warm things up. this afternoon we will be nice but cooler than yesterday. san rosa 70, 74 concord, 58 in san francisco. 62 for hayward, and the south bay 72 san jose, 74
5:18 am
los gatos. in the east bay 72 for the delta. here's your 7 day forecast, it will be in nice mild week, the week is not what you have to worry about the weekend we see problems and especially if you're participating in this cecils bay to breakers race. rain is in the forecast and the possibility of thunderstorms. there's a lot of time between now and then but at this point indications are we will have widespread light rain on that date to read keep it tuned here and will updated as we move through the week. >> george: quiet start for the commute, of we have looked around and not much in the way of slow traffic no hot spots on 580 and highway 4 doing well. starting with a check on the bridges as we looked at the toll plaza west bound is clear, the
5:19 am
san mateo bridge ride is also is with one this morning, right side of the screen had to towards hayward. golden gate bridge 1 01 southbound traffic is like coming in for marin county, diverges been reconfigured leawas the fourth lanes. a >> mark: police are released in these photos he is accused of killing a man it the last month. he is a twin brother named gilbert and he may be using his brother's friday. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> darya: a shooting in east palo alto a call gunshots along the 1000 block o. they didn't fd anything that they saw the shooting, they got to an abandoned vehicle and they thought it was a hit-and-run, they found a man in the car
5:20 am
quite a gunshot wound to the hand. he refused to provide information on how he got the injury. bike tire tread lead deputies to a man suspected of stealing a car or wider. they say the man's by tad too different trade patterns on the tires that matched the impressions at the sight of where wire was taken along wrier island. the police say he also had a night vision devices with him. >> james: update on the civil case. the attorney for the family of oscar grant, the man fatally shot by a bart officer in 2009, says that a judge dismissed the civil case against bart tuesday. the judge upheld the civil cases against johannes mehserle and tony pirone, another bart police officer, who was present when grant was shot. as for the civil charges against maresol dominici, burris says that some were dismissed and others upheld. the details of exactly which charges were upheld for her and which were
5:21 am
dismissed for her are unclear at this time. >> mark >> darya: 5:20 a.m. we will be back in a moment with weather and traffic. you will feel cooler temperatures rain now this is james lick nice and
5:22 am
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> darya: good morning and you for waking up. there is little stretch. it will be partly cloudy in chile today. we slide a little bit more to more down to the '60s for it friday, saturday, sunday. thunderstorms and showers, we were talking about an of lead day, on sunday. >> mark: president barack obama
5:25 am
meeting with democrats today with republicans tomorrow this in an effort to trim down the federal budget. the white house is working to route that fighting measures that can be tackled now and those ones that can be left. joe biden leads bipartisan efforts to identify parts of the budget that can be cut. president barack obama is reading is the highest debt two years. 60 percent approve of the job the president is doing, more than half say he deserves to be reelected. the poll was taken this week one week after forces killed a al-qaida leader osama bin laden. >> darya: we have new details this morning former governor arnold schwarzenegger made his first appearance since the big announcement that he and maria
5:26 am
shriver are separating. or had already separated. he spoke last night about the to them. he thanked friends and family for their outpouring of support for himself and maria. >> we were singing the same thing, we were amazed and extremely blast to be surrounded by so many people, friends. we both love each other very much, we're fortunate we have for extraordinary children. we are to the one dead a time. >> darya: they were married 25 years. they haven't said anything about divorce. >> mark: bay to breakers four days away and we have you covered. >> 100 zazzle bay to breakers. i've been around for 21 of the men i have been all over the place from start to finish, i have been up and down crawling
5:27 am
on my knees, through many costumes, what ever. but i cannot wait to be in the sidecar with the lead runner so close that i can touch them just like that. i am here to bring it to you all start to finish. ♪
5:28 am
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5:29 am
>> darya: following developing uses san jose, three people are dead following the shooting. first getting you caught on weather and traffic. what's in store for tonight? >> louisa: first office in cool and breezy start this morning with some patches of fog near the coast. that is what it is like as you head out this morning. this afternoon mild weather, as for the weekend it looks like we have rain for sunday, explaining that in just a minute.
5:30 am
>> louisa: earl >> george: and check on the bay bridge, everything is fine a complete check straight ahead. >> mark: 3 people are dead after a shooting in the parking crunch as the university. this is where it happened. --grung there raunn jose with the latest. >> craig: 3 dead, to is the victim and one according to the pleas and the state university officials would be the actual sugar. some pitchers on the fifth floor.--would be the shooter--. tosses were going on
5:31 am
wall this occurred there was locked down on campus. they did have to close off the floor, everything was limited to that location the don't know whether not, or they hope it didn't involve a student or a faculty member, police say they don't believe it was gang-related. they don't give out any names of victims or the lead shooter. right now they are continuing the investigation. this area was closed off into the air early morning hours before finally reopening. >> mark: the impression you get it is a self contained incident? >> craig: the shooter was taken to the hospital treated and apparently died some time after that. >> mark: thank you. >> darya: a judge says no bail
5:32 am
for the vallejo man who caused a disturbance on of plane that landed on sunday and sfo. he is from yemen and appeared in court for the first time yesterday he is 20 years all the math professor. his name rageh al- murisi he didn't show emotion as the judge told him yesterday the u.s. considers him a significant threat to society. federal prosecutors argue during the entire rate on the plane that he shared a bed god is great in the yeaarabic. that phe rises eyebrows because it is linked to terrorist attacks. he was traveling without any luggage, gnocchis, no cell phone, he did have $13,000 opposed it checks on him and a number of expired 90 cars. he
5:33 am
said he was going to stay in vallejo and those family members said they had no idea he was coming. we are hearing from the san mateo police officer who helped to restrain him when he was on the american airlines flight. he told us how he and other passengers took control. >> with my earphones on i heard screams from behind me, i didn't know what that was, as it turned there was a person that was walking past me very rapidly, he broke into somewhat of a trot, running and as he did he tell the out. i jumped up to pursue the individual almost immediately there was a number of people up. when i arrived they were taking him to the ground. i decided to go and try and use the control call hold on him. we got cuffs on the
5:34 am
suspect. i took off my belt i used it as a hobble. is that technique of attaching the person coughs to their feet cuffs. that way we make sure he had no way of escaping. >> darya: incredible of the passengers and this formal police officer happened to be on leave flight. intel that flight landed on sunday night, the family members say he is just regular guy and they don't believe he had any harmful intentions. >> james: it is there the chance of rain. in the middle of the bay to breakers run. we will fine-tune that forecast for you. a live look at walnut creek where we have current conditions
5:35 am
of 51 degrees, 71 by lunch, 74 at about 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. as for everybody else are on the 50 degree mark. 52 in oakland, 52 san jose even in the north bay we have 50 in san rosa, 49 napa, everybody in a tight range, we have patchy fog as well, here and there you might get some of that but it's not a big factor in terms of widespread fraud. new may noticed the wind is blowing as you head out this morning. this afternoon a nice day albeit all little cooler, 71 an hour, 50 in san francisco the south bay 72 and san jose. a out in the east bay dublin, livermore, 73 degrees in you will be just about there in antioch and its
5:36 am
fur is soft. cool around the coast. otherwise we're looking okay, the rest of the week we shoot up to be mild for the week. the weekend things turn on us we have systems moving through all part of a off cold front headed our way. we already see it on the maps coming our way, we are bracing for that. we will tell you where am only expect them to fall. >> george: still good friday round your bay area, the bay bridge ride looks good light traffic on the approaches, some retail bridge ride equally good with no problems for 92 getting to the store westbound direction. light traffic on the inbounds side, now the bridge comes completely reconfigured with the fourth light available in the senate on direction. >> justine: new video of the
5:37 am
flooding damage in arkansas, 1 million a. havof crops under wa. half a billion dollars in losses to agriculture. that doesn't take into account the repair, the farm equipment, this is a huge deal. farmers will have to wait until the sun comes out so they can dry the land up. it might not be till summer that they might know how far the impact will be on the bottom line. we will take a quick briefing be right back.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> mark: red wings score less than two minutes apart in the third. three-one victory. the
5:41 am
sharks were up three games to none and out is tied at 3-3. they have to win tomorrow night's game at home. if you want to go we are part and to give away tariff ticket to thursday's deciding game, if you want to try and when the tickets go to facebook page and like us. from there you get a form where you can enter to win for thursday's game. >> darya: i hate that please like us we want to be your best friend. the giants beat the arizona diamondbacks last night for the fourth one and a row. cody singles down. tim struck
5:42 am
out nine right into the sixth in another dominating start for the back-to-back shutouts. over for the a's cool be pitching in to the eighth inning, 7-2 victory over the a's. oakland lost last name.last night. >> mark: we will be right back alive look at the golden gate bridge a bit windy over the span alive look at the golden gate bridge a bit windy over the span this morning. i'm serious. well mainly in tra. we've been together, what, a super long time. true. and at first it was all business, you know, i'd take him here, i'd take him there. everywhere. and over the years, we've really bonded. sure. why else would you always buy me chevron with techron? 'cause we need gas. i think it's more than that. i think that you care about me. you're a good friend. best friends? um, uh, yes, best friends. yeah. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you.
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>> mark: 3 people dead after a shooting in the parking garage at state university. it happened that day 30 p.m. inside of the 10th street crunch the university says the campuses safe, they're trying to piece together what happened.
5:46 am
>> darya: state university could see big heighttuition hikes. itd be raised by 32% to trim bridge the gap, total tuition for undergrads would go to $6,450 tax increases are set to expire in july 1st. >> mark: espionage trial from the uc-berkeley grass the were arrested their trial has been postponed again. there have been behind bars for two years awaiting trial. there's been no explanation for the trial. she was released last year due to a medical condition she said she has no plans to return. >> james: will kick off the weather by looking through the
5:47 am
san mateo bridge. this morning patchy coastal fog, chile and breezy out there this morning. cooler than yesterday but still we will have bricks of sunshine, this evening the coastal fog will return. right now temperatures are cool in in san francisco 50 right now you dropped a degree in the past half hour. 50 in san rosa and fairfield, 50 livermore in san jose we starting at 52. cool start of expect temperatures to drop a couple as we go. there has been talk about winds, primarily out of the east bay. we have the strong the sustained winds and that's where we see the stronger gas. breezy heading out the door. highs this afternoon not bad, cooler than yesterday, 58 is the warmest it will been set for cisco, 74 in concord 73 marks livermore,
5:48 am
oakland 63 for you. along the coast half moon bay coming in at 57. your 7 day forecast shows change, nice conditions through the week, as we follow we have that cold front coming through should bring this around rain saturday evening overnight hours a through the day sunday. light activity through out the day with the possibility of which thunder shower here and there. for the bay to breakers race, it looks like it will be it wet one for you at this point we will follow that the closer we get to it. your morning commute and finding out the latest with that with george. >> george: not a lot to talk about this morning if there were unusual problems or incidents, we will let you know right off the top. starting with a bridge check the bay bridge a this light traffic through the macarthur maze on the approaches
5:49 am
and on the bridge. san mateo bridge to the problem free through hayward, of the nimitz freeway no delays, 1013 morning county he's the right through foreign bridge. >> darya: tense moments aboard a delta flight, a passenger and a flight headed from boston tried to open an emergency door. the flight took off from orlando. they say the passenger was subdued by an off-duty officer who once again happen to be on board the flight. passengers described what happened. >> i didn't know until the end. >> i thought somebody was getting sick in the back of the plane. and in think anybody or anything was going on. >> darya: they didn't realize
5:50 am
the commotion was about the passenger tried to open the door. he was charged with interfering with the flight crew. >> mark: emergency landing in oklahoma. the pilot decided to stop in oklahoma city and change planes a lot of of abundance of caution after noticing a heating element was malfunctioning. it was just precautionary. people want comfort at a friendly price. a new survey shows that the bottom-up list for overall satisfaction, u.s. air way, who feared the best? southwest. jet blew came in second, alaska's third. >> darya: i agree. 5:50 a.m. we
5:51 am
will be right back. all live look from our roof, different picture than yesterday. ♪ you'll run outside
5:52 am
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>> darya: bay to breakers is four days away, 50,000 registrations have sold out, we take a look at the history of the bay to breakers. >> reporter: 5:12 a.m. april 11th 1906. it left quarter of severs a school in rouyn or ashes from the earthquake. five years for the city to get back on its feet. on new year's day 1912, runners-for the starter line on market street. along the
5:55 am
fire alarline their race. bobby crossed the finish line first runner of what was known as the cross city race. 90 years later but be into hundred companions would be amazed at the changes. crazy costumes, for its first 60 years the main role of women were to wait at the finish line to give the winner his reward. one woman but rep sunders often as bobbie. she was the fee on the of the winner. they were first allowed to register in
5:56 am
1971, by 1998 the are outnumbered men. like the rest of the city the race went through big changes and 1960's, three years before the summer of love their race attracted 25 runners. turnaround began the next year when it was renamed bay to breakers. 1968 of less welcome change, runners were deterred up the he st. te pastr the '70s brought more changes, 1978 uc-davis runner convinced a dozen other people to put their head through a plastic tarp. to date bay to breakers is the world's centipede event. it goes into the record book as the largest foot race in the world.
5:57 am
more than 110,000 runners took placin 1986. 1990's costumes cae into the wrong as this picture shows, they were rare as recently as 1987. tv coverage encourage car shares although sometimes not all the way. costume judging in 1992. runners and not looked back since. >> darya: bay to breakers kicks off sunday live on kron 4 at 8:00 a.m. you will see all of your favorite personalities there. if you're sleeping and or
5:58 am
in the race you can race home later that night and we will replace the coverage
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